Cylinder Types

TMS offers a wide variety of cylinder options designed for your specific needs. Let us assist you and finding the best, most cost-effective design to fit your application requirements.


A piggyback cylinder is actually two attached cylinders working together, each functioning separately, but with duplicate strokes. After the first cylinder finishes extending, the other cylinder extends. If you’re short on space, a piggyback cylinder may be your solution.

Industry application: Road Building, Utility, Material Handling, Oil and Gas, Agriculture


When mounting space is limited, telescopic cylinders are ideal. They are comprised of several cylinders called stages built inside one another. Single-acting telescopic cylinders extend by hydraulic pressure and retract using external forces, such as gravity. The double-acting version extends and retracts using hydraulic pressure in both directions.

Industry application: Material Handling, Road Building, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Agriculture


Tie-Rod Cylinders have square or rectangular end caps secured to each end of the barrel by rods that pass-through holes in the corners of the end caps. Nuts threaded onto the end of each tie rod secure the end caps to the barrel. Static seals in the barrel/end-cap interface prevent leakage.

Industry application: Road Building, Oil and Gas

Construction Grade

Construction-grade cylinders are designed for extreme-duty applications. Chrome plated induction hardened rod, bolt on head design for easy serviceability, and high-pressure sealing, make this an ideal cylinder for your heavy-duty applications.

Industry application: Demolition, Earth Moving, Construction, Mining

Position Sensing

For applications requiring accuracy and repetition, Position Sensing is the technology you need. Let our engineering department assist you in finding the solution for your application requirements.

Industry application: Aerial, Utility, Mining, Agriculture

Valve Integrated

Our valve integrated cylinders eliminate the need for hydraulic hoses and reduce chances of contamination in your unit. For applications requiring overload, directional, and pressure control.

Industry application: Aerial, Utility, Agriculture, Oil and Gas