3 Benefits of Using Hydraulics in Today’s Society

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May 5, 2020
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3 Benefits of Using Hydraulics in Today’s Society


By Robbie West | Published May 19, 2020


Where did hydraulics come from? Are hydraulic cylinders still relevant? What is replacing hydraulics? How to prevent hydraulic leaks?

In a society that is constantly evolving, hydraulic cylinders are essential for a variety of different markets. These include agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and a broad variety of other markets.  For example, tractors use them to operate different attachments such as loaders, backhoes, mowers, and grapples. Forklifts use them to raise and lower thousands of pounds at once. Construction companies use them in their machines to perform a variety of tasks. Lift trucks use them to raise personnel to their workstations. These are just a few examples of how hydraulics are present in the world around you.

Where Did Hydraulics Come From?  

Blaise Pascal was a physicist who made important contributions to the study of fluids. He took the work of Evangelista Torricelli and simplified the concepts of vacuum and pressure. Pascal developed a law that states, “Pressure applied to a confined fluid at any point is transmitted undiminished throughout the fluid in all directions”. This acts upon every part of the confining vessel at right angles to its interior surfaces and equally upon equal areas. This is the law that formed the foundation of hydraulics. With advancements in education and technology, Torricelli conceptualized this law.

TMS Hydraulics produces customer hydraulic cylinders proprietary to each customer.

3 Benefits of Using Hydraulics

1. They improve efficiency

Hydraulics have a reputation for moving large amounts of weight. But, how does it work? When liquids are compressed they have the potential of creating a force 10 times greater than the amount of pressure that was originally applied. This leads to the potential of moving extremely heavy weight with little force applied. Water is condensed within a machine under forces much less substantial than the rate at which it comes out. This same principle allows the hydraulics to move large amounts of weight at a fast pace, hence, improving efficiency.

2. They are reliable

Hydraulics are used for critical components. They are used in car brakes, gasoline pumps, elevators, and amusement park rides. If they were not reliable, we would be anxious every time they crossed our path. Hydraulics are made meticulously to ensure safety. Each piston, piston rod, cylinder barrel, etc. are precisely made so there are no leaks within the hydraulic cylinder itself, and when connecting it to the appropriate machine. They can be trusted to last for years if taken care of properly.

3. They are easy to control

Hydraulics give users the ability to control whatever weight is being moved from a remote or control panel. An operator can start, stop, raise, lower, accelerate, or decelerate with just the push of a button. Elevators are a good example of the simplicity of hydraulics. From just the push of a button, a hydraulic system can take you up or down many floors of a hotel or office building. When operating heavy machinery, personnel enjoy the simplistic nature of hydraulics to position their equipment in precise locations for work.

Why Are Younger Generations Leaning Towards Other Alternatives?

The Environmental Approach

Countries all over the world are taking an environmental approach to their business operations. Environmentally friendly alternatives are increasing, even if it means sacrificing efficiency. The big misconception is that hydraulic cylinders are not environmentally friendly. The biggest risk being the possibility of hydraulic leaks which can leak onto the soil and some parts of it can trickle down into the groundwater. The risk of hydraulic cylinders leaking drastically decreases when they are developed in the right facility. Professional engineers design high-quality parts. Experienced machinists construct the design with precision decreasing the probability of potential leaks.

Here at TMS Hydraulics, our team specializes in making precision hydraulic cylinders and repairing them when necessary. We understand that quality matters.

Pneumatic Alternatives

Pneumatics are typically used to move lighter loads. However, there is no way to slow down or speed up pneumatics or to move them accurately in different increments.

Electromechanical Alternatives

Electrotechnical alternatives have a significant amount of technology involved in them. Electromechanical alternatives can control position, velocity, acceleration, and force during the movement process. This leads to accurate results, but the cost of electromechanical alternatives can be expensive when compared to a hydraulic cylinder.

Each product goes through quality control to ensure specifications are being met.

Why Hydraulics Cylinders are Necessary

Hydraulic cylinders provide higher rates of productivity. They can move a thousand pounds of material with the press of a button. No substitute can completely replace the productivity without sacrificing different variables like power and time.

Temple Machine Shop, Inc, dba..TMS Hydraulics, has a team of highly skilled engineers who design cylinders to assist in meeting your specific needs. We will work side-by-side with your team to help you find a cost-effective design to meet your requirements

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